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A summer evening I was putting food for my cats in the parking place when I listened kitties cried. I wondered. I knew my street cats they had no so little kitties in this time. I followed the voices and I recognized it came from the big rubbish. I tried to find them, but I could not. Somebody already put heavy, wooden things above them. I came home in my eyes were tears. Of course my husband asked me what happened. I told him, he took a flash light and went to the rubbish. He came back smiling and in his hand there were two little kitties. There were beautiful, healthy babies. I made them a bed to sleep, I put them inside and when they begun to cry for food I cried too. What could I give to them? I knew the milk was not the right food, so I broke cat tin food with a fork for them and because they could not eat from plate I put in my hand the food and hold for them. They did like they suck and so they ate. They got their drink from the bottle of eye drop.

The next evening happened the same things, we found more one kitty in the rubbish. So I had three little kitties, who needed food every three - four hours. I did my best, I fed them when ever I had time, I washed them, cleaned them, I tried to save them, but unfortunately the gray one died. It was just too early for them without the milk of the mother. But the other two stayed alive.

For one of them I found a home, and the other I kept. She is already nice big cat, but she still thinks I am her mother. When she is in trouble she runs to me, when she is happy she comes to me and sucks my clothes, she fight even with my husband to stay next to me. She is my baby.



Devil had 6 kitties. I love cats, but I do not like if they have kitties. The reason, because I know they will die, I will cry. It is hard to feed them every day and the next day find them dead. But back to the family.
I was sad how I looked at them and I did not understand Devil, why she put them next to the road. I was afraid the car hit them accidentally or directly. One evening there were a big rain with strong wind. How the weather left me I run to the family to see they were safe or not. How I reached the place I found only one kitty. The others...?............


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