Street cats

 There are a lot of kind of. Small and big, young and old, clean and dirty, thin and fat, nice and ugly...... But one thing is same in each of them. They live on the streets, the people do what ever they want with them.
 You know, I see people who does not like animal. I have no problem with that. They do not like, they do not like. But I have problem with that if they do not like them, and they kill them, they torture them, or even they martyr them. If you do not like animals, and sees one, turn your head on the other side, but do not hurt them!!!
 In our neighborhood there are a lot of bars, discos. So at night there are a lot of drunk or just brutish people on the street. The cats are in danger. Not enough the sickness, the accident, the people hunt them, too.
 I already wrote at Beauty page, how the people hunt them by motorcycle, I wrote how they run after them, but I have more stories.
 We have dogs in the flat, too. Our dogs love cats. If you do not believe check the photos. They sleep together, they play together and they kiss each other. One night our dogs begun to bark. It is not a strange thing at the dogs, is not it? But they did not want to finish. So my husband went to the window to check outside, what was going there. A man was at our glass door, with his dog and taught the dog to bark and attach to our dogs. My husband shout to the man, and he left. Or leastwise we thought it. But our dogs continued to bark. And it was strange. They did not bark so long time without the reason. So my husband decided to go down. Because he did not come home just after 15 minutes I knew something happened. How he came home he informed me, the man with the dog did not leave, he stayed not far away and taught the dog to attack the cats. My husband saw there were a cat in the mouth of the dog. He took it out, and put down the cat, who was still alive, and till my husband shout the man, the cat left. Of course I asked who was that, not the man, the cat, and he told me. I knew her, he was 5 month old kitty of Illusion. I have never ever seen her again. I do not no she left or she died. I tried to find her, but either she was dead, or she just was too afraid.
 My other story is the people not just hurt but they disturb the cats, too. I remember a summer night. Angel had kitties. They were not in a safe place, and how Angel came to eatat, girls listened the kitties to cry and they took one of them. I run after them, ask for the cat. They told they did not want to hurt a kitty, they just want to pet her little. I still think it is not nice to do. I asked the girls to put the kitty back, I explained them, Angel could leave the kitty, because she felt other smell on her, and without the mother the one week old kitty could die. I told them other also. The mother cat can attack if she feel danger, if she is afraid. They believed me or not, but they decided to take back the kitty to the place where they found. Angel already looked for the kitty and because we were not far, she listened her to cry, and she came to us. The girl how saw the angry mother got afraid. I was a few step away, so I could not take the kitty, I told to the girl to put down the kitty quickly. She did how I told so, and step back from the kitty. I quickly went there, took the kitty and talked to Angel. I did not want Angel hurt the girl, I hope it was a good lesson for her, and she learned to do not take kitties. How I begun to talk Angel stopped, looked at me, looked the kitty in my hand, and looked the girl, too. You could see, she knew the girl took the kitty and she was very angry, but I begun to walk to their place, so after a few second she followed me. This story end good, but again: I am not everywhere. I can not explain to every people, who disturb a cat, how bad what they do. I can not stand above each cat family to protect them. So I ask the people in this way: please, do not disturb the animals.
 But let's go back to the street cats life, let's leave the people.
 The street cats life is hard. All the same they live on the street, or they live at the hotel. In a lot of place, if the owners see a lot cats they put poison for them. I remember a summer, when in a week I lost five cats. Every day I was afraid to go to feed them, I was afraid who I found dead. You know, it is terrible. I understand if all the kitty stays alive we will have more cats, than people, but I do not think the poison is the way to finish this problem.