Tom and  Jerry

They were just a few days old when I found out where Angel hided the kitties. I fed the mother every day. It was a very hot summer. In summer time I have a lot of kitties with infected eyes. It is not hard to put eye drop for them, if you can catch them. But to catch? Hm, it is not easy.

Jerry was that, who came for the eye drop how she saw me, with Tom it was harder, but not impossible. For the third baby I could not put, she run away, how she saw me. She did not know, she could not live on the street without eyes. She died at age 5 weeks. And I could save just one of Tom's eyes. But at least he could see, and he became a nice, big male cat.

On May, 2009 we took four cats to my husband's land. Tom, Jerry, Devil and Baba were there happy, they had big place for them, we were there a lot of time and pet them. We put more than enough food and water for them, if for some reason we could not go one day, or we could go just late evening, not in the afternoon, they were not hungry.
How they saw the car, they run there. We pet them little, and they left to play, to hunt.....

On 9.8.2009 I did not went to the land, I had to stay at work, so my husband went alone. How he came back I knew something was wrong. He told me someone shut Tom, he died immediately. It was a hunting season, so I think a hunter was passing next to our land, or even went inside and he shut Tom. And my husband could not find Baba, so we were afraid, he shut her too. Devil and Jerry was there, but Devil was angry and afraid little. The next day I did not went ether, and my husband brought a bed news again. Devil left us. He could not find her. So just Jerry stayed. In this day I had to go home to my country, my father died, so I could not look for Devil and Baba. But from that time how I came back I looked for them. Jerry was on the land alone, we thought we had to bring her back, but she seemed to be happy, so we left her there. It was a mistake.

On the land we have a broken car, she moved in it. But one evening chiefs arrived, and they broke the car, took the doors and what ever they could take. From that time Jerry is missing. We do not know they hurt her or she just got afraid and run away. When the chiefs arrived the second time, my husband caught them, but they told they did not know about the cat anything.
I do not give up. I do not give up, I just can not give up. I want and I have to know they are in a good place or they are dead. They were or they are clever street cats, they had or has chance to survive. I hope and I wish they have found a nice home and they are still alive. I hope how I found Baba after 7 month I found Jerry and Devil also. And I hope some day I will save the cats, and not cry after them, how I cry after Tom, and the others, who died. I hope the time is near when the bad people cry and not me.